Thursday, January 04, 2007

Mystery Plant

While in Geneva, a friend introduce me to this marvelous tree. It blooms in winter and emits the most intoxicatingly sweet aroma. I was told the French name...but unfortunately no longer remember it. He thought it was Honey Bush or Honey Tree in English, but when I googled it, I only came up with the African honey bush which doesn't look anything like this. Can anyone help me out?


The Fool said...

Possibly Oregon grapeholly?

Here's a link to a French gardening site and a posting on winter bloomers - see if it helps.

Carla said...

Thanks! I think you found it. The description matches perfectly and the leaves look the same. What a great site!

Toby said...

Hi Carla, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

What a crazy tree. I've never heard of anything blooming in winter. I would think since all the water in the ground is frozen it wouldn't have enough juice. I guess it must use reserves in it's trunk.

Carla said...

Hi Toby, yes, I really should look into the chemistry / biology behind this aromatic tree. I'm really not sure how it works but it sure is lovely.