Friday, January 05, 2007

Frozen Beauty

I wanted to share a couple quick photos of the crazy icicles forming off the edge of my roof before I knock them down. As beautiful as they are, I think they would do some major damage if they were to land on someone. Not that I generally find strangers standing under the icicles hanging from my roof...but with the legal system these days, I wouldn't want to be held liable. I don't think you can really tell from the photos how large they've actually gotten, so you'll just have to take my word for it. They're huge!


BurdockBoy said...

Lovely photos.

I guess winter doesn't like me any more. Two winters ago I was in the Kootenays. There was no snow in the valleys. I remember Schweitzer and Whitewater getting rain in January. Now here in North Wisconsin we're having a dry warm year-the first year ever with no snow at Christmas. Last Winter I lived in Oregon. All it did was rain. I am cursed.

Carla said...

Be careful what you wish for...I'm sure winter will come, and when it does, it might just be with a vengence. I remember that odd winter two years ago. Strange weather patterns we've been having. It seems like everyone is talking about it this year as we are continually bombarded with storms.