Monday, December 17, 2007

Merry Christmas

Hello everyone! I know it's been awhile since I've posted anything. This is an extremely hectic time of year and I've had a lot going on. And now I am away and am not sure as to how often I will have internet access. In the new year, however, I will be back (hopefully in full force). In the meantime, I wish you all a very merry Christmas, a wonderful holiday season, peace, joy, love and all the rest.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Seasonal Entertainment

I have been very quiet as of late. Life continues to flurry about like the snow that has wafted down in thick flakes all day. My schedule fills up in a frenzy and at the end of the day I hardly have the energy to sit down at my computer to keep you informed of all the happenings in Kootenay Bliss. But much is happening. It is a very busy time of year and the festivities are now well underway that will undoubtedly carry us full speed ahead into the new year.

Last Saturday evening, I had the lovely honour of attending an intimate piano recital in a private residence out at six mile. The approximately fifty of us in attendance listened completely rapt to the beautiful Ivana Cojbasic, a seasoned recitalist, a soloist with orchestra, and a chamber musician who has played to critical acclaim in Yugoslavia, Hungry, Italy, France, Mexico, and the United States. This talented musician was the first prize winner of the first annual International Piano Competition, "Frederick Chopin," in Rome and also won the fifth prize and a special jury award at the 16th annual International Piano Competition "Franz Liszt" in Lucca, Italy.

On the repertoire for that evening's performance were a series of enchanted sonatas by Domenico Scarlatti, Ludwig van Beethoven and Sofia Guvaidulina. Ivana's technical mastery and interpretation particularly of the pieces she played by that last composer were astonishingly powerful. The evening wrapped up with champagne punch, decadent desserts and stimulating conversation. I must say there are some things we really know how to do right here in the Kootenays. It was a most lovely evening, indeed.