Sunday, August 06, 2006

It's the small things ;-)

I had a wonderful surprise today when I went to the recycling depot to drop off my weekly accumulation of clutter. Some precious soul left three boxes of canning jars beside one of the bins. What a find! And these weren't just your regular wide mouth Mason's...but the jars with the lovely embelishment. Most of them were the half quart jars, just the size I've been wanting / needing.

Yesterday I made a delicious batch of peach fruit leather. It was a great thing to do with my ripe peaches that I just wasn't able to finish eating. Yum, yum.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Getting Started

I am sure that getting started on these sites must be the most difficult part of blogging. I haven't really established a blog yet. Do people just delve in, full speed ahead, 100%. Or do they kind of ease into it? I suppose there isn't really any right or wrong. I just kind of feel like there should be introductions or something. Well then, let's get started. If you don't know me, I'm Carla. I live in Nelson, British Columbia, one of the most beautiful little cities in North America. At some point I'm sure I'll get into what exactly makes Nelson so unique. I have lived in the "BIG city," but knew it just wasn't going to be a "forever" thing. Anyways, included here is a picture of Kootenay Lake. Lake, mountains, and clean air -- what more could you want?
I'm new to this and have just set up my bare with me as I figure out how this site actually works. I've been impressed with the other blogs I've found on and feel that I've found a place of likeminded positive people. I'm looking forward to posting and continued reading of the other blogs. I will do better introductions shortly, once I get a little more organized.