Saturday, January 13, 2007

Fever Hits Record Highs

The Kootenays have been hit by a serious pandemic. Nelson has been the most seriously afflicted area with locals quickly developing a seemingly contagious fever. Many individuals report difficulty sleeping, the jitters and not being able to eat. Volunteers have come out in droves to contribute their services in any way which might be of aid. As this state of emergency continues to mount, large masses of the population are grouping at the local community complex as they discuss what needs to be done next. I went to the doctor and he said that this bug is really resilient. He told me that I’d have to watch at least one match within the next 24 hours to get rid of Hockeyitis. I have got a bad case of Hockey Day in Canada Fever!

Seriously, if you haven’t heard…Nelson is host to CBC’s 7th annual Hockey Day in Canada!!!! For an area that is steeped in Hockey history and has produced a number of great NHL talents, they are thrilled to be bestowed with such an honour. Hockey Night in Canada’s hosts, Don Cherry and Ron MacClean will broadcast live throughout the day. This marathon hockey celebration (13 hours of live broadcast) will feature a triple-header of the six Canadian teams (Montreal-Ottawa, Vancouver – Toronto, Edmonton – Calgary). Okay, now I’ve got to run and deal with the fever.


Cheryl said...

Oh my god Carla, you are killing poor Chuck, he wants to be there so desperately! Is the Stanley Cup actually there?! After watching Hockey Day obsessively, he's convinced that we have to move back there as soon as possible.
I saw Grant Arcuri standing behind Don Cherry!

Carla said...

Oops! ;-) Yep, the Stanley cup arrived at about 3:30 (I was told) on Friday afternoon. They had a free Leafs game at the was absolutely packed. Don Cherry and Ron MacLean came onto the ice at half time during a somewhat cheesy look alike contest, waved at the crowd which of course went wild. Lots of good fun! So, when you moving back?