Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Who's Your Twin?

If you'd like a little bit of vacuous entertainment check out this link that Cheryl over at Free Range Living posted the other day. Basically you upload a photo of yourself and it runs some kind of facial recognition software to tell you which celebrities you most resemble. It's sort of fun, although I'm still questioning its accuracy. Each photo I plugged in brought up a different slew of celebrities. I think the resemblance was more in the way my head was tilted or eyebrow cocked rather than any deeper similarity, although a few celebrities popped up for more than one picture. Apparently I look somewhere in between a Caprice Bourret, Kristin Cavallari, Elle MacPherson and Luciana Salazar. Aside from not knowing who some of these "celebrities" were, the whole experience was good for a few laughs. Let me know who you look like.

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