Thursday, September 28, 2006

More Wildlife

Most the action these days happens in and around the hazelnut tree. For obvious reasons this tree is a great favorite among the wildlife that frequents the area at this time of year.

A Steller's Jay looking...well, very stellar. However, despite his noble pose, he's quick to give a variety of raucous calls and scolds to anyone who ventures too close to the tree while he's collecting the nuts.

Here he is again trying to crack open a nut. He's quite persistant. I find many empty shells when I'm out collecting some of the nuts for myself.

The squirrel is new to the area but he has been chatting up quite a storm. He's very vocal!

Somewhat curious too...just as long as you don't get too close or make any sudden movements.


Cheryl said...

Great photos, Carla! It looks like you're having nice weather there.

Carla said...

The weather's been fabulous. I love fall days like the ones we've been having.