Monday, January 12, 2009

Perspective is Everything

Clod and Pebble

"Love seeketh not itself to please,
Nor for itself hath any care,
But for another gives its ease,
And builds a heaven in hell's despair."

So sung a little clod of clay,
Trodden with the cattle's feet;
But a pebble of the brook
Warbled out these meters meet:

"Love seeketh only Self to please,
To bind another to its delight,
Joys in another's loss of ease,
And builds a hell in heaven's despite."



The Fool said...

G'afternoon Nomad. Blake was a brilliant soul, and wonderfully eccentric. Good choice. Your photo complements the words nicely; the tonal green & gray hues providing counter to each other much like the poem's stanzas. Cool pic...more info, please....a ram's head is not your typical gargoyle rainspout. Best to you.

Carla said...

Fool, Good to see you 'round. I totally agree about Blake. He's one of my favorites. I think I resonate with is eccentricities. The pic was taken in Strasbourg, in France right by the German border. There is much German influence in this little city and they have one of the most amazing collection of gargoyles that I have ever come across. I was totally obsessed with them the whole while I was there. A very charming city.

we're doomed said...

Yea, what Blake said.

pandave said...

It's all about perspective, isn't it? But the pebble's only saying that because it hasn't met that adorable creature.

Mone said...

A very nice poem, I should get a little closer to Blake :) and
I wish you a Happy New Year 2009!

Carla said...

We're Doomed, Yep, it says so much.

Pandave, The pebble is hard and ornery. Hard to change that.

Carla said...

Mone, Good to see you around. Happy 2009 to you too.

thailandchani said...

As one who doesn't typically resonate with poetry, this one really speaks! :)


Steffi said...

Very good post!

Carla said...

Chani, I think Blake was well before his time in terms of the topics he wrote about. His poetry really resonates with me as well.

Steffi, Thanks. Glad you like it.

Jannie Funster said...

That Blake guy was pretty smart!

Anonymous said...

Blake and T.S. Eliot.... love 'em both

Carla said...

Jannie, He certainly was perceptive.

Nurse Myra, So do I.