Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hot Pepper Jelly

It's the time of year when one feels like hunkering down sheltered from the elements' unpredictable fits of rage. Here in the Kootenays we've had a few days where I wanted to do nothing more but curl up with a good book in front of the fire. After a bit, I decided that I better make myself useful and do something with the bag of hot peppers I purchased at Cottenwood market last week. I had hot pepper jelly in mind. I was first exposed to the stuff a few years ago when my aunt gave me a jar that she had made. This nippy stuff is great on a cracker with a bit of cream cheese...or any kind of cheese for that matter. It's also a great marinade for chicken or other meats and I am sure that there are a myriad other uses that I have not yet discovered. In any case, this is very simple to make and a bit goes a long way.

Hot Pepper Jelly

1 C seeded green bell peppers, finely chopped or ground
1/4 C jalapeno peppers, finely chopped or ground,seeded if desired (or more to taste)

(I personally put all the peppers through the food processor. I used all red pepper to get the lovely colour you see in the picture and did not need to add any food colouring. I also used all hot peppers with varying degrees of heat. I imagine if one used all green coloured peppers the jelly would probably come out a nice green colour.)

4 C sugar
1 C cider vinegar
1 (6 ounce) packet liquid fruit pectin
3-5 food colouring (optional)

1. Mix peppers, sugar, and vinegar in a large saucepan.
2. Bring to a boil, and boil for 5 minutes.
3. Take off heat, add pectin and stir.
4. Return to heat, and bring to a full rolling. Boil for 1 minute.
5. Pour into hot, sterilized half-pint canning jars to within 1/2" of top.
6. Wipe tops of jars and seal the way you normally do (either with wax or metal lids).
7. Store in a cool, dark place.

Makes about 5-6 half-pint jars. To serve, stir to soften, pour over an 8 oz block of cream cheese, and spread on assorted crackers.


thailandchani said...

It sounds awesome.. But I'd be afraid of using up the next year's supply of Pepcid! :) Is it gentle on the stomach?



dawn said...

I love pepper jellies. I usually make red pepper jelly that doesn't have very many hot peppers, but has a slight bite. I like the hot ones too. Once a jar is open in our house, it doesn't last long. I love your photo, it looks so professional.

Carla said...

Hi Chani, As one only uses jelly in small quantities it seems hardly enough to upset the stomach. One can also vary the degree of intensity by varying the ratio of hot peppers to bell peppers.

Hi Dawn, the jelly doesn't usually last too long around here either. It's very versatile.

Steffi said...

Pepper jellies...that´s sounds good!I love to eat hot food!

Sirdar said...

I like them too...and help Dawn make sure they don't last long here. Hmmm...I wonder if she has any more in the cold room.....

Pamela said...

I love it with crackers and cream cheese.

Yours is really beautiful, too.
At Christmas time I've seen red and =green served so festive.

Carla said...

Steffi, I think you would like this. It's a nice and sweet.

Sirdar, I understand about them not lasting too long. Same thing around here.

Carla said...

Pamela, I too like it with crackers and cream cheese. It's a perfect combination.

Cheryl said...

That looks so great! I've always wanted to make red pepper jelly but didn't have a good recipe, so thank you!
We love to add it to our grilled cheese sandwiches, and we also put it on top of the cheddar (shortbread) coins that I make at Christmas.

Carla said...

Cheryl, I'm quite pleased with this recipe and it's so simple. There is one other one that I would like to try out too but I probably won't until next year as my pantry is now full. I love the idea of adding it to grilled cheese sandwiches. I'm going to try it. Thanks.

bohemiangirl said...

Oh My! Just yesterday, I was thinking that I wanted to make some jalapeno jelly. How serendipitous. Thank you for the recipe.

Carla said...

Bohemian Girl, Let me know if you try out the recipe. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Malka said...

Interesting to know.

Carla said...

Malka, Hope you enjoy the recipe. I made some more this fall as well.

Bajaboy said...

Made a "nuclear" version here in Baja Mexico using Serrano peppers. Awesome. Thanks for the recipe.