Sunday, July 29, 2007

They've Got My Number

Gone are the quiet days where the phone refuses to intrude on my peace and serenity. That's right, they've got my number. The calls are queued up and continue non-stop. "Would you like to donate to this?," "Can we interest you in that?" Well, they've found me. This is the latest.

Me: (Phone ringing, me picking up) Hello.
Them: (silence then ever so light click) Hello, is Mr or Mrs Jones there?
Me: Sorry, you have the wrong number.
Them: (Deep sigh and then with sassy American twang) Ma'am, we might have the wrong name, but we don't have the wrong number. me...ya, you do.

Now, if I thought I could hold it together...this is really how I would like the conversation to go:


rowena said...

Heh heh...I/we use a variety of ploys to get rid of telemarketers...don't you just love them? (Sure, right...) The best one though was not a telemarketer but a vacumn salesman that came to our gate and spoke w/husband on the intercom. "Can I interest you in a new hi-tech vacumn?" the guys says. My husband wasted no time and replied "Uh, I know nothing about cleaning...that's my wife's department and she's not here. Ciao!"
I thought I was gonna die laughing!

P.S. Regarding the previous post --- You're NOT going to climb that pink bunny are you?! ;-)

Guilty Secret said...

He he he that was so funny... I just got into work on Monday morning and that was a great way to start me week! Thanks for sharing, Carla :)

Carla said...

Rowena, yes, I've used a variety of ploys as well. My sisters and I used to have a game that we would play...we would get a certain number of points if we could get them to say certain words or answer certain questions. I know, mischievous. But that vacuum comment takes the cake. I would have loved to have seen the fellow's face.

In terms of the pink bunny...if I had the opportunity, I probably would. It would make a great post ;-)

Carla said...

Guilty Secret, it's pretty good, isn't it? I crack up every time I listen to it.

Beccy said...

I love it!

I wouldn't be able to keep a straight face if I tried to do that but I'd love to.

Anonymous said...

Alas Carla, it must have been that chap who you sat next to on the aircraft!!

My hearing aids come in handy with telemarketers - I turn the 'squelch' so high - they hang up quickly!!

ps could not acces the link - for some reason?

Carla said...

Beccy, That's my problem too...I don't think I could keep a straight face.

Peter, Hmm...hadn't thought of that before. The link goes to a fellow who when a telemarketer phones he pretends that they've just called a murder scene. Quite humorous.

Steffi said...

Funny post and I agree with Beccy too!

Mark said...

I love that! Yes, telemarketers are intrusive, uninvited guests. They are also people out there doing one of the most difficult jobs to make a few bucks. As with all, pass along love and understanding. Remember they will carry forth what you give them.

Carla said...

Steffi, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Mark, I totally agree. Telemarketing has got to be one of the most difficult, unappreciated jobs and most of them are very polite about what they do.

dawn said...

We are fortunate that we don't have calls anymore since we have an internet number. The downside is that the neighbour was getting a ton of calls and blocked them and because she didn't recognize our number, blocked ours too. We got a threatening email from our provider telling us to cease telemarketing to that number or our phone would be cut off. I took a chance and called her, and she got is straightened out. It is a little scary to get an email like that; they don't check it out, it is our responsibility to change our situation.

Speaking of that, I will send an email soon on my viewpoint of the book I finished this weekend.

Carla said...

Dawn, It's funny, you can tell the day that your number has been put on a list and sold. I went from almost no calls to a whole lot all at once. It seems to have settled down now though. I look forward to hearing about that book.

Fede said...

Outstanding! How did you get it?
Anyway, we all have our secrets!

By the way, my mom does a lot of telemarketing, except that she doesn't have to sell anything. It is about very specific interviews on different matters to selected targets. And she often talks to Italian politicians, who are not really busy at all, contrarily to what we might assume. In fact, they cannot be that busy if they have 45 minutes to talk with my mother...That's life folks!
Good night and good luck!

Carla said...

Fede, And what are your secrets? If your Mom's not selling something, then it's not quite in the same category...more a friendly conversation. And yes, I've always suspected that politicians are not nearly as busy as they would like us to believe. Anyways, a lot of their job is having conversations.

Guilty Secret said...

P.S. Carla, I'm going to link you ;)

Carla said...

Guilty Secret, Thanks. I'll be over to visit later.

Annie Wicking and Loman Austen said...

I just tell them a sob story, when they phoned up and ask for my much beloved, I told them all about the terrible divorce we were going through... the poor woman in India was nearly in tears... I had been working on a short story and I was in character at the time. I help me a lot but didn't do anything for her sells.

P.s we are very much in love :-)

Best wishes


thailandchani said...

LOL!! Yeah!

I do not like telemarketers.. and it irritates me that I have to screen all of my calls through an answering device to get rid of them.

And then.. and then... I'm getting someone else's bill collectors!

If I could get by without a phone... I would!



tkkerouac said...

telemarketers are annoying but I feel sorry for them...
When my tyrant X father in law would get one on the phone, he would rip into them

The telemarketer would say
Good evening Mr. White and how are you today?

He would say,
how dare you talk to me as if you already know me, I don't know you
why do you care how I am? and go on and on

He had one lady so upset one day, she phoned him right back and said to him
"you are by far, one of the rudest men I have ever encountered and you should be ashamed of yourself and I don't care if I loose my job, I just want you to know that you are very mean and must be and egotistal man who is cruel"

I was very proud of her for calling back to call a spade , a spade

tkkerouac said...

what is the name of the post with your parents 50th Anniversary Post?

Carla said...

Annie, I would love to see you in character. Your stories are all so gripping. I have no doubt that you were convincing.

Chani, It must be horrible to have someone else's bill collectors harassing you. I hope that gets straightened out soon. I got rid of my mobile two years ago and don't really miss it at all, so I know what you mean.

Carla said...

Tracy, I know what you mean. There is absolutely no excuse to be rude to other people. Everyone deserves a certain amount of respect. Your ex-father in law sounds like a very miserable man. I love it when women (and in fact anyone) has the guts to call a spade a spade.

The post you are looking for is in June and it is called intermingled souls.

Sirdar said...

I heard that before. It was still funny!!

As Dawn said, we haven't had any calls since we went VoIP.

Carla said...

Sirdar, Glad you enjoyed it...and that you found a solution to unsolicited phone calls.

The Fool said...

Hi Nomad! It looks like I have a little catching up to do.

And yeah, I know...I owe you a meme.


Carla said...

Fool!!! So good to have you back. Seems that you arrive back just when I'm getting ready to take off.

Paul said...

A pay phone... they still have those?

In a way, wasn't it nice when you couldn't be pursued by telephone calls? Cell phones are too useful not to have, but between those and the non profit sales calls - and worse, the computerized political ad calls at election time - it feels like your'e being chased by telephones sometimes...

The Fool said...

Taking off? Is it intermission?

I have memed, ma'am.


Carla said...

Paul, sometimes I find the telephone very intrusive. At times I even go so far as to unplug mine.

Fool, Yes, an intermission of sorts, I suppose. Thanks for the meme. I love the twistedness.

Debbie said...


It seems like I missed this post earlier!