Friday, July 27, 2007

House Keeping

Dear fellow bloggers, I can't believe how incredibly patient you are with me and that I haven't received more scolding. It's now been almost three weeks since "Lie Detector," and somehow I still haven't confessed. It's not that I didn't have intentions of telling you before now, but somehow life just kind of got away on me and here we are now, three weeks later.

So, the moment you've all been waiting for....drum roll please. Yes, that's right...Lie Detector revealed. Well, the truth is, that it was indeed the last statement that is not true. You know, the one about chocolate being my biggest vice. Yes, I love chocolate, but my biggest vice? Come on, how does one even measure that? A chocolate snob I would have conceded, yes. But vice? I don't even eat chocolate every day. I once had a roommate in university who needed chocolate every day, at least one bar. Ironically she was with me when I was flashed in front of that convent. Chocolate might be one of her vices, but certainly not mine. I rarely if ever touch the American stuff, too waxy and often sickly sweet. I do like the Swiss chocolate, the dark stuff preferably and it's even better if they are truffles. I did find a bar embedded with dried cherries and I quite enjoyed that. Yum. But biggest vice? I don't know. I'm going to have to ponder my vices for a bit. Perhaps that will make for another post if I get on the "confessions" train.

As for the rest, yes, indeed, I did get those Arab men to dance for me, scarves and all. I know, hard to believe, but when I was younger, I was able to convince many a people to do many a thing. The train, yep, happened right here in Nelson. How could I not get on? How often does an opportunity like that come around? The tornado? That was simply one sampling of a bizarre string of events that plagued me that entire trip. Workshops, planes, those places are fertile grounds for interesting events and misinterpretations. Life is an adventure. sometimes you just have to run with it. Chocolate, it's kind of like wine. I only take it if it's the really good stuff.


Pink said...

what a good little fibber you are ;)

Anonymous said...

I was so sure the answer was elsewhere!!

Such is your powers of persuasion in story telling.

Enjoy the choc bar (swiss of course).


Carla said...

Pinks, Just here to entertain ;-)

Peter, That's the fun of the game. It's hard to tell.

rowena said...

Awww!! Well you got me on that one, but yup, you're right. Chocolate, a vice? More like an obsession, for that uhm...certain time of the month. ;-)

Fede said...

OK, you got me too. Good job!
I guess the care you take in describing chocolate and the care you use to write about food helped you in conceiving you forgivable lie.
Good night and good luck.

Dan said...

Arabs, trains, tornados?

Heck with all that ... just pass me some of that chocolate! oh yeah!

Carla said...

Rowena, you're talking just like my university roommate. But I hear ya, girl ;-).

Fede, Thank goodness it's forgivable. Don't know what I would do if it weren't. ;-)

Carla said...

Dan, Just missing a run in with a sasquatch. But wouldn't be surprised if it were in my future. It's destiny, you know.

dawn said...

Very good. How wonderful of you to throw that one in as the lie. Most of us would not claim chocolate as our vice, but would not consider that someone would say that as a lie. You did well and you have amazing adventures.

Carla said...

Dawn, I kind of feel like I cheated on that one a little bit as the chocolate wasn't a specific event or something that happened to me. And in terms of adventures, yes, I have had quite a few.

lisa said... sure fooled me on that one! Your powers of pursuasion are a force to be reckoned with! Truth really IS stranger than fiction!

Carla said...

Lisa, Yes, in my case anyways, truth often seems stranger than fiction. I should write a book.