Monday, June 30, 2008


I’m horribly late in responding to this one, but haven’t had a moment’s free time in about the past two weeks. In any case, well over two weeks ago Pinks tagged me challenging me to list 6 unspectacular quirks. Well, first off, I would like to know how quirks can be unspectacular. I mean, if they were just plain boring, then the quirkiness would all but dissipate, right? Doesn’t the very word quirky suggest something at least mildly interesting or amusing? Well, I’m not really sure that these things are quirky, but here we go:
  1. I keep all my coins in film canisters organized from largest to smallest coins (largest being on the bottom). I can’t stand coins just clanking at the bottom of my purse and me having to dig around for them when I need them. I regularly receive comments from store on this particular “quirk.” In fact, just the other day a store clerk exclaimed, “OMG, that’s so cool! Can I see that again? We need more people like you in this world.” I have a feeling the “like you” meant slightly obsessive compulsive organizational freak.
  2. I have had issues with public toilets for as long as I can remember. Even as a child, I hated public restrooms and often refused to “sit” on the seat. In fact, I’d rather pee behind a tree than sit on a public toilet. I wouldn’t say I’m germ-o-phobic, but perhaps I am, but seeing as I don’t know who’s sat on a public toilet or when it’s last been cleaned I’d rather not take my chances. Traveling lots, of course, just makes me more set and determined in my ways, especially after trips to places like China. In fact, during my China trip I also added seeing how long I could hold my breath while in a public restroom. Yes, those trips were as quick as I could manage. Thank goodness I’ve been blessed with a strong bladder and can make it through almost any train trip without using the toilets for the duration of the trip. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure, train toilets are the worst.
  3. When my stomach feels upset, I like to eat soft poached eggs on toast covered in milk (or cream) lightly salted. This goes back to my childhood, and yes, I know, eggs and cream are supposed to be difficult to digest, but for some reason, I find this incredibly soothing and usually it puts my stomach to rest.
  4. I have an uncanny ability to know things before they happen, or perhaps it’s an ability to read people. Here are just a few examples: I once had a premonition that the company I was working for was in the process of being sold to another company and that they were going to announce it the following day. I was so sure that I even went so far as to call my administrative assistant in Toronto (I was working out of a home office in Vancouver, but there were those that worked at the head office in Toronto) explain my suspicions and tell her to erase any personal files on her computer and to take home any personal items that evening (sometimes when these things happen, corporations won’t give you much more than a half hour to pack up your things and be out of there if they’re not keeping you). Sure enough, the next day it happened. She phoned me back absolutely stunned, but luckily she had followed my advice. Another time I was having lunch with a colleague. In the middle of the conversation I stopped, looked at her and said “OMG, Monica, you’re pregnant!” Her face blanched as it morphed into shock and disbelief. She asked me how I knew and told me that she had only just had it confirmed the previous day and hadn’t even told her parents yet. I don’t know, I can’t explain what happened, I just knew. There are countless other examples I could give, but you get the idea.
  5. I love languages. I love listening to languages and could listen for hours (well, at least one hour) even if I don’t understand a word. I make up words and play with language…almost all the time. As a child I spoke an invented language with my sister and used to translate for my parents. (My sister had hearing difficulties until about the age of three when the doctors inserted tubes in her ears, and my parents had difficulty understanding her, but my other sister and I seemed to have no difficulty in communicating with her.) Aside from that, I have been known to name my cars or give my pets nicknames (as they already have names). I talk to myself (sometimes), or more often to my cat in multiple languages. She doesn’t really care which language I use as long as I feed her.
  6. I collect seashells whenever I’m at the ocean. Is that quirky? I’m really not sure, but I love seashells. They are tiny little treasures that I can’t resist picking up, even if I put them down somewhere else. Once I made the mistake of telling a group of grade 1’s that “Madame loves seashells,” and the next day I received a lovely bag full. I guess I had forgotten to mention that half the pleasure is finding them in the sand as I walk along the beach.

Whew!!! That’s six. I’m sure there are oodles more, but that’s good for the moment. Now for tagging…. Is anybody interested? I'll leave it open and if you decide to bite, let me know. I would love to know what quirks the rest of you have.


rowena said...

Well, now I don't feel so self-concscious about my quirks. It's not that I'm ashamed of them or anything, but you know, being labeled "weird" can be a bit of a blow when told at the wrong time! Will let you know if I get around to this one. Actually, it's one of the more interesting tags for a change!

thailandchani said...

Very interesting about the languages. I used to do that, too, as a kid. It seemed natural to make up my own words and assign a meaning to them.

NYD said...

You're not quirky. You sound like a bundle of fun! Yeah the coin thing seems a little off the wall, but, damn; if it works for you It ain't strange.

Carla said...

Rowena, Yep, this is one of the more interesting think one could be pretty creative with it if they really wanted to. Let me know if you bite.

Chani, I still think it's natural. Sometimes we just don't have the right word for what we want to express in our that case, we either need to borrow from another or make one up.

Carla said...

NYD, Thanks for stopping by. I think a little bit of quirkiness is what actually makes us fun.

Pink said...

Hey Carla,

toilet seats - is that a Canadian thing? My sisters and mom - we all have the same thing. My mom grew up with an outhouse for pete's sake, but wouldn't sit on a public seat!

Coins - weird. I do that too! Do you have the dark kodak cases or the clear fuji ones? I have both but prefer the kodak cases even though I prefer fuji stock.

seashells - me too - got them from all over the world now but I don't try to remember which comes from where...I just mix them up and let them mingle as they probably once did somewhere in the seas.

languages - i'm going to enrol in a french course july 15. need to get my french up to speed again and no time like the present.

intuition - well honey...thats a good thing in a biofeedback practitioner. I've got a few things I'd like to know about...if you ever get the hunch...but I am trying to just follow my own inner voice on them at the mo.

thanks for playing!

Carla said...

Pinks, Not sure about the toilet thing, but I don't have a high level of tolerance for what I would consider to be unsanitary conditions.

I prefer the black Kodak cases...I like the lids better, but have been known to use the Fuji cases on occasion. I always seem to have both kicking about.

Good luck with the French...there are some interesting things about language acquisition on YouTube. Always fascinating.

My experience has been that the more you listen to the inner voice, the louder it gets. I'm starting to sound like I'm schizophrenic or something. But seriously, the more you acknowledge it's there and listen and use it, the more often you'll hear it.

Fede said...

Carla, you are full of surprises.
Let make a deal, since I am a rather sensitive, would you mind being very tactful with me had you sense that I am pregnant? Thanks
Good night and good luck.

Carla said...

Fede, Unless you are full of some major surprises, I don't think that too likely to happen. That's what my intuition tells me anyway.

Steffi said...

I love your points 5 and 6 too!Great list,Carla!

Carla said...

Steffi, Thanks. Seashells rock!

JBelle said...

We share quirks! Public toilets: hate 'em. Seashells: love 'em.

BTW, only encountered one Turkish toilet in France, in Avignon. Was totally prepared with flushable wipes, baby wipes and Kirkland wipes. yeah, I hate public toilets.

Carla said...

JBelle, Yes, I totally relate. Can't stand public toilets. Of course in some countries I loathe them much more than in others.

Aaoiue said...

As a present:

Paragraph 5th in Spanish:
"Me encantan los idiomas. Me encanta escuchar otras lenguas y podría escuchar durante horas (bueno, al menos una hora), aunque no entiende ni una palabra. Siempre esoty componiendo palabras y jugando con el lenguaje. Cuando era niña hablaba un idioma que inventamos mi hermana y normalmente traducíamos a nuestros padres. (Mi hermana había tenido dificultades auditivas hasta la edad de tres años, cuando los médicos insertarán unos tubos en sus oídos, y mis padres tenían dificultades para su comprensión, pero mi otra hermana y yo no teníamos dificultades para comunicarnos con ella.) Aparte de eso, se me conoce por dar nombre a los coches o dar apodos amis mascotas (cuando ya tienen sus propios nombres). Me hablo a mí misma (a veces), o más a menudo a mi gata en múltiples idiomas. A ella no importa el idioma que yo uso siempre y cuando le alimente."

I also hate public toilets and also I give names to everybody.

Nice blog.

Carla said...

Aaouie, Thanks for dropping by. Now I would like to know how to pronounce your name...or moniker. Thanks for the translation. I loved reading it, although my Spanish is clearly lacking. Perhaps I should make Spain my next visit. I've always loved the sound of the Spanish language and the way the words just roll off the tongue.

dawn said...

I don't like public toilets either and when I went to school would go in the morning then when I got home from school. I still will try to hold out and am able to pretty well, but I am getting better as it isn't good to hold it too long all the time.

I have had those premonitions before also. One day my sister had an insulin reaction and I knew all afternoon that something was wrong and on the way home, I figured it out and I practically ran from the bus, thinking if my mom's vehicle wasn't there (she was suppose to pick me up at my place) that she would be at the hospital with my sister and sure enough, I was exactly right.

Carla said...

Dawn, Once I was on a flight from Vancouver to Montreal and there was a doctor sitting beside me. He had already gotten up to go to the bathroom two times and we we getting towards the end of the flight...he turns to me and says, you're just like my daughter, if she needs to she can go all day without going to the washroom. I know it's not good to hold it, but I really am particular and don't like to touch things that don't seem totally clean to me.