Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Travel Update

I've decided to strap on my backpack and take off for the better part of December, nothing like trying to travel off season. I will do my best to download my photos and post, but I imagine that it will probably be a little sporadic. Presently I am in Geneva. The people here are as friendly and polite as the last time I visited. They would give Canadians a run for their money any day in these departments, and overall I think Canadians are a pretty friendly polite lot. I'm off for Venice within the hour...but first, I need to get myself a good Swiss coffee. Swiss coffee will deserve a whole post unto itself. I think the Swiss do coffee better than anyone else in the world...but I have yet to taste Italian coffee. I hear it's pretty good too. A bientot!


Cheryl said...

Wow, Carla! I just talked to you last week and this week you're in Switzerland!? Oh to be so free!
Can you please have a Nocciola gelato (or two) for me while you're in Venice?
Have fun!!

Carla said...

I know, isn't it fabulous?! I love it here, and the food!!! Oh, I don't think pasta ever tasted so good. Today it's a tad cold for gelato, but I certainly will get one before leaving.

The Fool said...

Lucky you...enjoy! If you make it to Italy, look up Ludoviko and Vikigna..they've made contact with my site...and they sound like very interesting, and amiable folks. There is a link to their classy cuisine/culinary site - I Nomadi del Gusto - off my site, or go to (very tempting food), and you can link to their individual blogs through there names in the comment section of recent posts on my blog. Most of the dialogue is in Italian, an exercise in communication between Ludoviko and I, but Vikigna has a good grasp of English. If you're so tempted...tell them the Fool sent you.

Carla said...

Thanks for the website/blog link. I'm going to check it out right now! Hopefully I'll be going in their direction.